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Bootstrapping AWS CDK Automation With Amazon CodeCatalyst

Posted on:January 24, 2024Β atΒ 03:57 PM



Table Of Contents

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πŸš€ Setting up a CodeCatalyst Project, Repo, and Environment

  1. Login to CodeCatalyst and go to your Space (Create one if you don’t have)
  2. Create a project from scratch
  1. Create repository to store code and workflows of the project
  1. Create CICD Environments which associates to AWS account for deploying our infrastructure.
  1. Create IAM role for codecatalyst to consume during running workflows. It should be already created while you create the Space or you can customize the others

πŸš€ Design workflows

πŸš€ Source code and CDK stacks

πŸš€ Push source code to repo

πŸš€ Workflows Runs

πŸš€ Conclusion

Congratulations! You’ve successfully bootstrapped and initialized AWS CDK with CodeCatalyst, and you can now deploy infrastructure changes or update frontend/backend using a pull request workflow.