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CDK CloudWatch Auto Alarms

Posted on:April 23, 2023Β atΒ 03:57 PM



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πŸš€ Solution overview

The CloudWatch Auto Alarms and Install CloudWatch Agent AWS Lambda functions help to quickly and automatically create a standard set of CloudWatch alarms for the new Amazon EC2 instances (or just reboot the EC2 for generating a Running event state). It saves the time for installing cloudwatch agent as well as agent configuration setup, deploying alarms and setup metric alerts, plus reduces the skills gap required to create and manage alarms.

This blog post gives an example of setting default configuration and creating alarms for the Amazon EC2 with Amazon Linux AMI (but the lambda function supports multiple OS such as Ubuntu, Redhat, SUSE and Windows):

CloudWatch agent predefined metric sets - Advanced

CPU: cpu_usage_idle, cpu_usage_iowait, cpu_usage_user, cpu_usage_system

Disk: disk_used_percent, disk_inodes_free

Diskio: diskio_io_time, diskio_write_bytes, diskio_read_bytes, diskio_writes, diskio_reads

Mem: mem_used_percent

Netstat: netstat_tcp_established, netstat_tcp_time_wait

Swap: swap_used_percent

The created alarms take action of notifying an Amazon SNS topic. The SNS topic is subscribed by the AWS ChatBot associated with the Slack channel to send alert messages directly to Slack.

πŸš€ Flow overview

πŸš€ Deploying the solution

πŸš€ Test alarms

πŸš€ Cleanup

πŸš€ Conclusion